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You can now easily download a PDF of your license agreement, which serves as proof that you have legally licensed music. You can show this PDF to anyone who might want proof of your license.

To find this feature, go to your license page:

In your web browser, you’ll see a new “Download PDF” link.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.32.36 Pm

Click it, and a PDF of the license will download and display in your web browser. You can then choose file/save in your web browser to save it to disk.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.34.13 Pm


You can now get separate legal proof for each of your projects, with (if you want) the license assigned to different parties for each license. This can be useful if you are creating video works for a client and you want each of your clients to have the rights to the music.

You will find this feature at this url:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.25.00 Pm

if you chose “separate documents” you can then specify the project to get a license for, and indicate the license details. The details will be automatically saved for the next time you might want the document.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.26.57 Pm

Note that you can also now describe your project with a line of your own text, which might help you keep things organized.


Our credit card system now directly supports foreign currencies, so you will no longer have “currency conversion” fees on your credit card, if you are paying in a currency other than US dollars.

Previously, if your monthly fee was €89 per month, this would be converted into dollars when charged to your credit card. This would cause you to incur a currency conversion fee, applied by your credit card company.

Now, the €89 charge will go through as Euros on your card, so there is no currency conversion fee.

So… in effect… doing business with us just got a little bit cheaper…

A new “recent” option now appears on the iLicenseMusic music pages. We typically add 4 new albums every week.

You can see what recent albums have been added by genre, or for genre “all”. If you want to download them you can either click the “download” button for each new album, or else add the tracks to a playlist and download all the albums together in a zip using the download-a-playlist feature.

Artists are listed by date order, with artists who have had a recent release listed first. If an artist has other albums, these are also shown when you click on the artist. The date of each release is show next to the album name.

The “Albums” page also has an “all” genre now too.


Our companion company MoodMixes has just released a gorgeous free iPhone app, which is just the ticket for those of you who want background music in your restaurant, store or business.

Here is what our background music iPhone app does:

  • lets you play background music for your business directly from an iPhone or iPod touch
  • features a simple flip-through-the-genres interface. Tap the image to play. Simple!
  • plays music without needing any permanent connection to the Internet: shows are automatically stored on your iPhone.
  • automatically downloads new music daily when the Internet is available, transparently rotating in new music.
  • You can subscribe directly from iTunes and have Apple charge you the monthly fee, or you can sign up with MoodMixes and enter your name/password into the iPhone app.
  • Has full support for shows that you create for yourself using the MoodMixes web site. These appear as new “Your shows” graphics in the app to the right of the standard genres.
  • Automatically supports both “shuffle-play” and “album-at-a-time” versions of our shows.
  • Lets you disable genres (shows) you don’t want your staff playing (i.e., Hip Hop or Intense Rock), giving them a limited choice of music that’s appropriate for your venue.
  • full support for Apple’s “Airplay” standard, letting you pipe music to remote speakers using inexpensive “Airport Express” devices.

You can click here to install the app using iTunes, or just search for “MoodMixes” in the app store using your iPhone/iPod touch.

Here are two pictures showing the classical and chill out genres, which you access by flipping right or left with your finger:

Img 0435 Img 0436

The currently playing song is automatically displayed:

Img 0438

You can double-tap an genre image if you want to see a list of downloaded episodes, as well as choose to play specific episodes. However, most people won’t bother with this and will simply single-tap the genre and let the music play automatically.

Img 0439

Here are some beautiful examples of high quality video productions using our music, courtesy of Andrew Kornylak at Four Mile Media:

. . .

A recent production that uses three songs (Jami Sieber and Industrial Sound Bank)

The Tribe (featuring Brad Senne and Nathan Mathes)

Lisa Rands climbing clip (Kalotone)

A Fine Line (many, this excerpt features Philip Weigl