It’s now easier for listeners to access our diverse collection of handpicked songs.  Now you can explore and listen to our entire music catalogue using our simple search and play feature.

You’ll now find a music player to the right of your search results. You can just let it play through each of your search hits, or click on a particular song and listen to it there.

Whether you are looking for a musician with a precise sound, a particular instrument or a distinct style of music to suit an occasion, i.e. a wedding, you can use the relevant search term and we are pretty confident you’ll find what you need. Not only does our new feature help you refine your search, it also allows you to play the songs or albums you want without having to scroll through our entire music catalogue. It’s simple and shows results instantly!

You can use any search term. Here’s one I tried earlier.

New Search and Play Music

The new feature is also available on our French, German and Spanish websites.

Remember, you can listen to all our Royalty Free music online, even without a membership. Once you find the song you like you can favourite it, put it on a playlist or click the license button. Alternatively, we’d be thrilled to see you join us from the UK the US or anywhere else around the world. Music knows no boundaries! Start your search.

If you find a particular search term is missing then please do let us know. We always welcome feedback!