We’ve added a whole host of talented musicians and DJs to our royalty free music collection during April and May. The wide variety of genres and top quality musicianship demonstrates that we only add high-end royalty free music to our website.

Here’s an overview of our latest additions. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we do.


If you are looking for a perfect start to an uplifting weekend then check out our hottest release, Creation and Destruction by Love Amplifier. It’s packed full of feel good dance tunes making an ideal choice for game developers.

Fashion Themes from Alexander Lisenkov contains a fabulous collection of upbeat electronic dance grooves ready made for the catwalk. This album is also suitable for a broad selection of projects including fashion shows, video games and fast paced racing movies.

Looking for this year’s hottest summer album? There’s no better choice than another high-energy release from Vate. Cachonda is perfect for Indie game or filmmakers due to its highly individualised style.


For music a little more chilled then perhaps Daniel Estrem’s album Telemann Trios on Guitar is more appropriate – wonderfully relaxing colorful classical guitar music.

Renowned talented soloist Sebastian Forster adds to his classical collection with exquisitely performed Beethoven’s Sonatas providing great energy, drama and passion in Magnificent Obsession series with Vol 6.

Alternative Rock

We’ve added some great new releases to our Alternative Rock section. London based artist Robin Grey returns with another fantastic album, More Than Today that demonstrates impeccable song writing skills and gently experimental, slightly quirky, fresh nu-folk tunes.

Also new to our alternative rock collection this month is Cole Pond by The Donnis Trio, a confident indie folk driven EP with melancholy vibes – a great choice for indie filmmakers.

A strong selection of crisp, acoustic instrumental guitar sounds also comes from Jon Swift’s album Travelog. Relaxation at its finest! Bellwether, Arbutus from Nathan Mathes also consists of easy-going, laid back summery tracks.


Introducing Claudia Schwab to iLicenseMusic! Claudia’s album Amber Sands is a combination of refreshingly original Irish, Indian, Swedish and Eastern European music styles overlaid with Austrian yodelling. This album is definitely worth a listen and would make great audio for international shortfilms!

If you are in the process of creating a film or game about pirates then don’t miss this! Ahoy and shiver your timbers to some Irish World music with a smattering of pirates from Barbepeste Official Orchestra. Bootleggers is full of fun tracks and individuality.

Luke Gartner-Brereton provides our listeners with some relaxing music therapy in his latest release, Ambrosia. Listen to the serene sounds produced by Luke in his latest release.


We would also like to welcome Oliostere to iLicenseMusic. Their new release, Circonflexe, is cool progressive jazz at its finest. According to the band the concept of the album revolves around claves and rhythmic patterns making each track distinguishable.

Electro Rock

If you’re searching for instrumental pop music to work with your latest project then try Kyven’s aptly named album For Commercial Use Only. You can even add your own lyrics.

New Age

Searching for music to fall asleep to, but in a good way? Strange Slumber, Music for Wonderful Dreams by Barry James was written as a present to Barry’s godson and his parents, who are avid music fans and love to fall asleep to various kinds of music.


Everyone should take the time to listen to this truly wonderful experimental album from Francois Couture! Ludovica consists of electronic, acoustic, vocal and traditional sounds. Can you hear the hand saw?

Would you like to hear your music on our royalty free music website? You can find out how to submit your music here.  



If you’re one for the deeper darker side of ambient, have a taste for melody driven indie folk or perhaps veer towards traditional instruments such as the lute or cello then be sure to check out our latest additions to the iLicenseMusic library.

Here’s our monthly roundup of some the best new music added during March.

Alternative Rock
We’re thrilled to see the return of Nathan Mathes to iLicenseMusic. Nathan’s new album, Recs is crammed full of impeccably crafted indie folk songs about life’s struggles and how to never give up. Easy Weather by The Bell Hours is another brilliant album that we’ve added to our alternative rock collection. Easy Weather is a sentimental take on modern rock and roll. Both albums are certainly worth a listen.

If, however you are on the search for rock that’s a bit different then we recommend Swell by Hollywood Drunks. Swell is an energetic swirling vortex of rock, funk, rap and alternative brewed with elements of comedy.

For filmmakers looking for a score that creates a cool vibe and exudes an air of sophistication then we highly recommend our latest addition to our Jazz library. Downtown Ride from Canadian composer Francois Couture is a fitting choice.

Another a perfect choice for filmmakers is the aptly named album Solitude, from Julian Blackmore. Solitude consists of one 20-minute track that takes the listener on a journey into the depths of a dark ambient world. Solitude is the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to create a sinister or eerie game or short film.

Looking for music that’s a bit more upbeat? Then Summer 2014 by Kyven could be the answer. Positive and uplifting 80s pop with modern chops.

We’ve added a wide selection of albums to our classical section recently, particularly from lute, clarinet and cello musicians including James Akers, Romualdo Barone and Alison Crum and Roy Marks.

Also new to our classical collection this month is the latest album from Daniel Estem. Daniel is our second ‘most licensed’ artist on iLicenseMusic. We are confident that Daniel’s new release, Bach Harpsichord Suites on Guitar, won’t disappoint and will prove to be just as popular as his previous works.

In addition we also have a whole host of electronica new releases starting with Prisma by Philipp Weigl. Prisma oozes relaxation and eases the listener into a blissful, dreamlike state.

At the opposite end of our electronica spectrum is the faster paced, urban electronica cumbia album Exotica from Vate. Exotica would make a superb audio choice for any up and coming game developer. We also love the latest release from Mike McGuill. Stult consists of confident, fresh new electronic sounds.

New Age
In our World category you’ll find The Lake, a new release by Hans Christian. The Lake produces an utterly captivating sound of New Age meets Indian cello. Following his magnificent debut album, Australian composer Luke Gartner-Brereton also returns to our World section with his latest release Ronroco Dreaming – a blend of classical tones with folk/Latin rhythms.

Remember, you can listen to all the latest releases by visiting our website, even without a membership.

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It’s now easier for listeners to access our diverse collection of handpicked songs.  Now you can explore and listen to our entire music catalogue using our simple search and play feature.

You’ll now find a music player to the right of your search results. You can just let it play through each of your search hits, or click on a particular song and listen to it there.

Whether you are looking for a musician with a precise sound, a particular instrument or a distinct style of music to suit an occasion, i.e. a wedding, you can use the relevant search term and we are pretty confident you’ll find what you need. Not only does our new feature help you refine your search, it also allows you to play the songs or albums you want without having to scroll through our entire music catalogue. It’s simple and shows results instantly!

You can use any search term. Here’s one I tried earlier.

New Search and Play Music

The new feature is also available on our French, German and Spanish websites.

Remember, you can listen to all our Royalty Free music online, even without a membership. Once you find the song you like you can favourite it, put it on a playlist or click the license button. Alternatively, we’d be thrilled to see you join us from the UK the US or anywhere else around the world. Music knows no boundaries! Start your search.

If you find a particular search term is missing then please do let us know. We always welcome feedback!



February’s new releases certainly provide an eclectic mix of music. From the melodic and haunting melodies in Ray Montford’s album Vintage is Now, to the opposite end of the music genre spectrum with high speed, hard core rap by Loc Saint.

Here’s a quick roundup of a selection of latest additions to our Royalty Free music library.

This month we would like to welcome The Old Recruits to iLicenseMusic. Their sound can be best described as a new take on old funk. Their album, Keep Your Head Up is packed with gritty grooves that will take you back in time.

For fans of classic rock this will be an album that you won’t want to stop playing. Written and performed by Deep Winter the self titled album is a mix of garage, rock, blues rock, dance rock, rock and roll, alternative and psychedelic rock – wow, that’s a lot of rock!

Also new this month is Chillout and Lounge Music by Alexander Lisenkov. This album is made up of 16 chilled out tracks spanning different genres from lounge to reggae. The perfect background music for spas and salons, travel videos or simply when you feel the need for a little bit of ‘me time’.

We love the latest addition to our Electronic section. Music for Televisions Volume II by Kalabi really is a masterpiece. We recommend that all our readers give the album a listen – you won’t be disappointed!

If you are a filmmaker you may want to listen to Julian Blackmore’s latest release, Essence Vol. 1. We think it is the perfect choice for a science fiction movie project. Alternatively, you might want to use it whilst practising yoga or meditation.

For more of this month’s new releases head on over to our Recent additions page then simply select the genre of your choice and start playing. Remember, setting up an account is easy, but if you need a little help you can either watch our tutorials or contact us. Happy listening!

You can now easily download a PDF of your license agreement, which serves as proof that you have legally licensed music. You can show this PDF to anyone who might want proof of your license.

To find this feature, go to your license page:

In your web browser, you’ll see a new “Download PDF” link.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.32.36 Pm

Click it, and a PDF of the license will download and display in your web browser. You can then choose file/save in your web browser to save it to disk.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.34.13 Pm


You can now get separate legal proof for each of your projects, with (if you want) the license assigned to different parties for each license. This can be useful if you are creating video works for a client and you want each of your clients to have the rights to the music.

You will find this feature at this url:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.25.00 Pm

if you chose “separate documents” you can then specify the project to get a license for, and indicate the license details. The details will be automatically saved for the next time you might want the document.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 At 6.26.57 Pm

Note that you can also now describe your project with a line of your own text, which might help you keep things organized.


Our credit card system now directly supports foreign currencies, so you will no longer have “currency conversion” fees on your credit card, if you are paying in a currency other than US dollars.

Previously, if your monthly fee was €89 per month, this would be converted into dollars when charged to your credit card. This would cause you to incur a currency conversion fee, applied by your credit card company.

Now, the €89 charge will go through as Euros on your card, so there is no currency conversion fee.

So… in effect… doing business with us just got a little bit cheaper…

A new “recent” option now appears on the iLicenseMusic music pages. We typically add 4 new albums every week.

You can see what recent albums have been added by genre, or for genre “all”. If you want to download them you can either click the “download” button for each new album, or else add the tracks to a playlist and download all the albums together in a zip using the download-a-playlist feature.

Artists are listed by date order, with artists who have had a recent release listed first. If an artist has other albums, these are also shown when you click on the artist. The date of each release is show next to the album name.

The “Albums” page also has an “all” genre now too.


Our companion company MoodMixes has just released a gorgeous free iPhone app, which is just the ticket for those of you who want background music in your restaurant, store or business.

Here is what our background music iPhone app does:

  • lets you play background music for your business directly from an iPhone or iPod touch
  • features a simple flip-through-the-genres interface. Tap the image to play. Simple!
  • plays music without needing any permanent connection to the Internet: shows are automatically stored on your iPhone.
  • automatically downloads new music daily when the Internet is available, transparently rotating in new music.
  • You can subscribe directly from iTunes and have Apple charge you the monthly fee, or you can sign up with MoodMixes and enter your name/password into the iPhone app.
  • Has full support for shows that you create for yourself using the MoodMixes web site. These appear as new “Your shows” graphics in the app to the right of the standard genres.
  • Automatically supports both “shuffle-play” and “album-at-a-time” versions of our shows.
  • Lets you disable genres (shows) you don’t want your staff playing (i.e., Hip Hop or Intense Rock), giving them a limited choice of music that’s appropriate for your venue.
  • full support for Apple’s “Airplay” standard, letting you pipe music to remote speakers using inexpensive “Airport Express” devices.

You can click here to install the app using iTunes, or just search for “MoodMixes” in the app store using your iPhone/iPod touch.

Here are two pictures showing the classical and chill out genres, which you access by flipping right or left with your finger:

Img 0435 Img 0436

The currently playing song is automatically displayed:

Img 0438

You can double-tap an genre image if you want to see a list of downloaded episodes, as well as choose to play specific episodes. However, most people won’t bother with this and will simply single-tap the genre and let the music play automatically.

Img 0439

Here are some beautiful examples of high quality video productions using our music, courtesy of Andrew Kornylak at Four Mile Media:

. . .

A recent production that uses three songs (Jami Sieber and Industrial Sound Bank)

The Tribe (featuring Brad Senne and Nathan Mathes)

Lisa Rands climbing clip (Kalotone)

A Fine Line (many, this excerpt features Philip Weigl